SA YJR Ride the Emotional Waves in Renmark

The final round of the South Australian Motocross Championships was held at the Renmark Motocross track this past weekend, with clear weather it was a great day for racing. With all the boys ready to go, the scene was set for a good day and a thrilling championship finale.

Thomas Larwood came into the final round with a small points lead in the 13-15 years 250cc division. Would the pressure get to him like it has in the past or would Thomas stand up and be counted? The first two moto's would see Thomas trail his rival in Travis Edwards from start to finish which meant only one thing, it was winner takes all in the final moto of the season. These two riders have been so even this year you could throw a blanket over them most of the time.

The final moto saw Thomas in second and losing ground early on, then he started using a couple of different lines, they caught some lappers and things got real close. With two laps remaining in his final SAMX race as a junior, Thomas made a pass up the inside to take the lead. He then pulled a small gap and he went on to win the race and championship.

“I am so stoked. I didn't think that was going to happen today after the first two motos but I just gave it all I had in the last one and I was able to make it happen. My bike was great today and I’m just so happy right now,” said an elated Thomas.

After his trip to the World Titles in Estonia, Alex Larwood was back and ready to race. Having missed a round due to his broken collar bone earlier this season, being in championship contention didn’t enter anyone’s mind until the he won all three motos on his YZ125 and suddenly when the points were tallied, he finished in third place and just six points from the state championship.

On his YZ85, he easily won the opening moto but while leading moto a freakish chain derailment caused a lot of damage to his bike which seen his miss out the remainder of the day.

“I had a good day today and felt good on the track but I don't seem to have much luck at this venue. I broke my arm at Junior Aussies last year and now whatever happened to my 85 today but I’m really  looking forward to the Aussies in a months’ time and this was good preparation for it,” Alex said.

Taj Gow Smith had family issue the week leading up to the final round with the passing of his cousin. The close-knit Gow Smith family were struggling with the decision to race or not until Taj woke up Thursday morning and made the decision that he wanted to race for his cousin. An emotional Taj showed up but being around his team mates and friends, he soon loosened up and enjoyed a few laughs to bring him comfort.

Moto one saw Taj get a bad start and end the race in 5th after climbing back through the field. Moto two saw a more relaxed ride and he claimed fourth by race end and closing on the leaders. The final moto saw a great start and he charged his way to third place. His 5-4-3 results gave him third for the round and third for the championship, a great result for his first year in the Big wheel 85cc class.

“I am stoked with today,” Taj explained. “I wanted to ride for my Cousin Libby and I got her a podium and ended up 3rd in the title. I am very proud of my year and thank everyone at the track for all the support they gave me and my family after everything that has happened this past week,” he ends.

SA Team Manager Shane Metcalfe was a bit emotional with his team at the end of racing in what has been an emotional campaign for his young riders. “Today was awesome! I still can't believe Thomas's last race and that pass was legendary. I didn't think he had that in him but now that we have seen do that, he better produce it again in a month's time at the junior nationals. Alex was unreal as always, his riding style and line selection is what makes him so special.

“Taj has the heart of a Lion. After what happened during the week, I mentioned to the family that I understand if they stayed at home and around their family but Taj wanted to race and he gave it everything he had. He landed on the podium and done an amazing job given the circumstances.

We have had a great year but we are not finished yet. All three boys want to finish off strong at Horsham in under a months’ time,” commented Metcalfe.

The next race will be held at Horsham for the Australian Junior Motocross Nationals starting on the 30th of September.

SAMX - Class results
12-U16yrs 85cc BW

1st Kipp Adams
2nd Kai Newbold
3rd Taj Gow Smith  (GYTR-YJR)

13-U16yrs 125cc
1st Alex Larwood (GYTR-YJR)

2nd Noah Coad – Yamaha
3rd Kai Newbold – KTM

13-U16yrs 250F
1st Travis Edwards
2nd Thomas Larwood  (GYTR-YJR)
3rd Aaron Mason

Championship Standings
12-U16yrs 85cc BW

1st Rory Hill
2nd Kai Newbold
3rd Taj Gow Smith (Yamaha YZ85)

13-U16yrs 125cc
1st Rory Hill  
2nd  Noah Coad (Yamaha YZ125)
3rd Alex Larwood (Yamaha YZ125)

13-U16yrs 250F
1st Thomas Larwood (Yamaha YZ250F)

2nd Travis Edwards
3rd Noah Coad (Yamaha YZ250F)


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